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Best Writer - ACU FilmFest


This is a short film I wrote, directed, and edited in the Spring of 2021. It premiered at the ACU Film Festival where it won Best Writer. I originally came up with the idea while watching interviews with homeless individuals on YouTube and started thinking about the different prejudices people carry into interactions with the homeless. As a result, I started researching about the difficulties homeless people face and how many well-meaning policies are actually harmful. It weighed upon my heart to write a screenplay to highlight some of these issues. This film is really just a single scene of the interaction between a businessman and a panhandler, and I wanted to write a story where both characters have noble intent, but they need to overcome their prejudices in order to get what they want and help each other out.

My Role

Writer, Director, Editor

Technical Skills

Screenplay Writing, Directing Actors, Storyboarding, Lighting Setup Editing, Color Correction, Audio Editing

Equipment Used

RED Epic, Tascam DR-70

Edited With

Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition